Web Services

Our goal at Imatics is to provide our clients with consistent, reliable, high quality, hassle-free Web services.

Federal Government Services

Ongoing Website Maintenance (annual contract)

• Priority Service - Same day / next day response time.

Quite simply - we will take care of everything for you! We verify daily that our development site is ready and your live site is online. We stay ready to maintain your website when you need it done. You can contact us anytime during regular business hours. We answer the phone! We check our e-mail hourly or more. We maintain a fully functional mirror website so your work can be completely verified and then published on your live website without any modification. We also take care of any Document Conversion needed as well as News Releases, Annual Reports, Proactive Disclosures and anything else that is needed.

• Routine Service - 48 hour response time.

You likely have in-house website maintenance capabilities or perhaps you have a website that requires infrequent change. From time to time, you need an an extra resource or a resource with different or complementary skills to assist with your website. We are here for you.

Document Conversion (specified documents)

We specialize in the conversion and coding of documents for publication to the Web on a fixed price (file + per page) basis. Whether you need conversion to accessible HTML / XHTML from a Word document, PDF, InDesign document or any other format, we will complete the conversion quickly and accurately. Routine tun-around is 5 days + 1 additional day per 100 pages. Rush delivery available upon request. Proper document conversion can be a daunting task when you don’t have the staff available or specialized tools and techniques. We have extensive experience with acronyms, table accessibility, long description pages, validation, use of CLF 2.0 / WET 3.0/4.0 classes and templates, as well as compliance with WCAG 2.0, TBS and department standards. You can confidently outsource this work to us!


Having been involved with websites since 1996, we have leaned what to do, what not to do, and how to do it very effectively. We can help your staff with training and by providing access to our tools and techniques. This can result in tremendous improvement in productivity and quality. Our training sessions can cover the following topics:

  • Basic Coding
  • Advanced Tips and Techniques
  • Authoring Concepts for Accessibility
  • .docx to .html
  • .pdf to .html
  • .indd to .html
  • .xlsx to .html
  • .pptx to .html
  • .html to .xml (for import into WMS / CMS systems)

Examples of our Work (past and present)

On-going website maintenance including Document Conversion:

Public Prosecution Service of Canada (show)
Security Intelligence Review Committee (show)
Military Police Complaints Commission (show)
Military Grievances External Review Committee (show)

Document Conversion Projects:

Parks Canada (e.g. show)
Status of Women Canada (e.g. show)
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (e.g. show)
Canadian Institutes of Health Research (e.g. show)
Public Health Agency of Canada (e.g. show)

as well as DPR, RPP and AR for various other Departments and Agencies

Language Capability

We are able to provide all of our services in both English and French. We have also completed projects in other languages, including Arabic, Inuktitut, Spanish and Chinese.

Business Services

Website Design

New design - or redesign; either way, we will work with you to develop the design for your website. Have a definite idea already? Tell us - we will listen! Not sure what you want? Don’t worry, our team has plenty of experience and can offer suggestions. We also provide hosting service for our business clients.

Examples of our Work

On-going As and When Required Services:

Iyengar Yoga (show)
Full Circle Healing (show)
Shop.Net (show)

Web Services

  • Static HTML / XHTML Sites
  • Specific Scripted / Dynamic Sites
  • Document Conversion
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Templates
  • Page Development and Maintenance
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Installation and Site Setup
  • Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization

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